Today’s Don Balon Liverpool effort is again another player who could be arriving at Anfield rather than leaving.

They finally seem to be over their Mohamed Salah obsession and have now gone full circle with claims about Liverpool beating Real Madrid to transfers and even taking players from the Bernabeu.

The Spanish imagirumour website claimed on Saturday that Liverpool are set to beat Real Madrid to Suso. It was nonsense based on the nonsense Suso reporting from last week (as we explained here), but at least it was positive nonsense, which is a nice change.

On Sunday it’s claimed Jurgen Klopp ‘wants a crack of Real Madrid for his Liverpool dream’.

The German manager wants to make his side ‘the fastest team in European football’ and is ‘looking for sprinters’ to compliment what’s already at the club.

Lucas Vazquez is the man Klopp is said to have indentified and the Liverpool manager likes him for his ‘ambition, desire to defend, and his frenetic speed’.

The price is put at €60-80m and the Spanish website believe Real Madrid president Florentino Perez would look on such an amount favourably.