Let us introduce you to Don Balon.

Newcastle United fans probably won’t be familar with the Spanish imagirumour website but when there’s a crazy story moving around the European rumour mill, there’s a good chance it started off with Don Balon.

Concentrating more on the bigger clubs and huge transfer claims, Newcastle isn’t really in the viewfinder, but there’s a managerial claim this weekend which drags the club in.

Three Premier League clubs are said to be willing to fight over Luis Enrique. Arsenal and Chelsea, both mentioned repeatedly in recent months, and Newcastle United.

This is where it gets really outlandish.

Whilst it’s not too crazy to believe Newcastle would be looking at options just in case Benitez leaves, what is crazy is that he may leave for Napoli.

Don Balon claim Newcastle are looking at Enrique because Benitez ‘could go to Napoli if Maurizio Sarri leaves’.


Even Benitez probably wouldn’t cite Napoli as one of his best managerial spells, and the club have moved forwards since the manager left. It’s highly unlikely they’d look at the Newcastle United boss this summer.