Even though a big part of the European media believes that Jude Bellingham’s transfer to Borussia Dortmund is done, there are still outlets taking the move very cautiously.

Ruhr Nachrichten has an interesting piece today claiming that contrary to reports, an agreement with Birmingham City must still be found.

It’s said that Borussia Dortmund found deal with the player a while ago, but that’s not enough to take the transfer as certain yet.

One of the reasons to take it easy is that Bayern Munich have been pushing for the transfer as well. And considering quotes from Bellingham’s father, he’d rather see his son joining the Bavarian side.

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But Borussia Dortmund are still considered to be very close to achieving the signing, as they’re ready to pay €20m for the youngster. Since he’s already visited the club and given them his approval, that makes the transfer likely… but not agreed yet.

The outlet also claims that Bellingham could unilaterally break his contract with Birmingham City, and join the German side for free, taking the same path as Jadon Sancho.

That way the transfer would only depend on himself.