Earlier on Thursday, we relayed an article from the French media regarding the future of Kalidou Koulibaly.

Le Parisien claimed that should the defender leave Napoli, he had a preference to sign for Manchester City, but there were now doubts surrounding that possible move following the ban from the Champions League.

Well, it appears the French newspaper were correct with their information if Valter De Maggio, a journalist for Mediaset in Italy, is to be believed.

Speaking to Radio Goal on Kiss Kiss Radio, the reporter, relayed by Area Napoli, decided to share some information he’d kept close to his chest for some time.

He said: “I’m going to reveal to you some background regarding Koulibaly. I’ve never told it before because I have a good relationship with him, but now I feel like telling you everything because we are talking about a truly exceptional boy and a fantastic professional.

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“When Maurizio Sarri was close to leaving, I asked Koulibaly a question: ‘Are you going to Juventus?’. The football replied: ‘No, never. I made my life choice: I’m fine in Naples. I would only go away for these four teams: Real Madrid, Manchester City, Barcelona and Paris Saint-Germain’. This shows how serious the boy is”.

The issue now, as we discussed in the previous article, is that the player’s stock has dropped somewhat since that time, as he’s struggled with injuries and mediocre performances this season, and it remains to be seen if Manchester City and Pep Guardiola are still interested in his services.

One thing hasn’t changed, however, and that’s their need for a new centre-back, and, when in form, there are few as solid as the Senegal international.