Despite the rumours circulating that Serge Aurier could be on his way to Inter instead of England, news has once again emerged from France the right-back has agreed terms with Manchester United.

According to the well-informed Loïc Tanzi, Paris Saint-Germain correspondent for Goal France, the Ivory Coast international has said yes to a provisional five-year deal with the Red Devils.

Of course, this isn’t the first time such a claim has been made, with Paris United, the Twitter account at the forefront of the Neymar saga, reporting this a few weeks ago themselves.

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The details are the same, too, with both accounts agreeing on the length of the deal.

And that wasn’t even the first time such claims were made, with Sportmania in Ivory Coast reporting an agreement as far back as April between the right-back and José Mourinho’s side.

As we explained last time, there’s still a lot left to do before the deal goes through, as reiterated by the French journalist, stating a fee between Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester United needs to be sorted out before he moves to Old Trafford.

After that, there’s the work permit, which shouldn’t be too much issue if the player is granted entry to the country, which remains the big question mark regarding a potential transfer to England.

There were claims a decision could be made on the 7th of August, but that date has since come and gone with no outcome.

It’s all about waiting now.