With Willian spending some time at home during social distancing, the Brazilian press has been repeatedly speaking to the Chelsea player lately.

In the last week, we’ve covered at least three stories from his home country where the winger talked about how Coronavirus has been affecting his life in England.

Willian has spoken again this week, this time to Gazeta Esportiva, but not about the pandemic. He’s been talking about his future at Chelsea now.

“Everyone knows that my contract ends in July. As I said before, I had a conversation with Chelsea, they offered me a two-year contract, I asked for three and stopped there,” Willian told Gazeta Esportiva.

“It stayed that way. I really don’t know how to tell you what my future will be, if I’m going to stay, if I’m going to leave,”

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Gazeta Esportiva asked Willian if there’s a chance he could be back in Brazil in the summer, but he claims his plans are to stay in Europe.

“I don’t think about going back to Brazil now. I believe I have a market here in Europe. My goal is to stay here.”

They mentioned that Corinthians fans have been asking him to go back to the club where he grew up, but he says this is really not his intention at the moment.

“I follow, whenever I can, I watch the games, when I can too. I receive messages asking for my return, I feel their affection too, but it is not my goal to return to Brazil.”

Gazeta uses a headline saying Willian has a ‘plotted plan’ in case he doesn’t renew his contract with Chelsea. But that’s something directed to Corinthians fans, since it’s clear there’s nothing decided about his future in Europe.