Tottenham Hotspur player Emerson Royal took part this week on Brazil’s biggest podcast, Podpah, and spent nearly two hours speaking about his career.

One of the questions was about his future, with Mitico asking the fullback is he still dreams of playing for any specific clubs.

Emerson pointed out he used to dream of a side he already played for, and sounds very calm about representing Tottenham for now.

“In fact, I had a dream of playing for Barcelona, right? Today, of course, I admire many, many clubs. Several clubs. Let’s put a list of five, six top clubs: City, Liverpool, Barcelona, Real Madrid, big clubs that, of course, everyone wanted to play in a team, apart from Tottenham, which I play. But a specific team like that, not today,” Emerson told Podpah.

Interviewer Igão then mentioned that Emerson now seems to be more concerned about getting prepared for the next season with Tottenham, where he’ll be featuring in the Premier League and the Champions League, and the player made it clear he’s very focused on that.

“I’m enjoying the holidays but I’m already thinking about the next season. Because as I say, I’m going to do my best now this season because I have big goals this season. So preparation doesn’t start when pre-season starts, but before.

“So I’m thinking a little. Of course, obviously I’m going to enjoy my holiday, enjoy it, take a break from football because it’s important. But when the time is right I will be fully prepared.”

On Monday night, Emerson Royal was also interviewed by Sportv.

There the Tottenham player spoke about the attempted robbery he suffered last week, revealing that the criminal was about to shoot him when he and a police officer reacted to the assault.