As the weeks go by, the likelihood that Jan Vertonghen leaves Tottenham on a free grows considerably.

The defender’s contract with Spurs is set to expire at the end of the current season, and the player is himself unsure about what the future holds for him.

There have been many rumours surrounding interest from clubs around Europe, with the latest from Italy believing Napoli would be keen to sign him should Kalidou Koulibaly be sold, but, ultimately, it comes down to the player.

Vertonghen sat down with Belgian show De Kleedkamer to discuss various aspects of his life, such as the impact his father’s death had on him, but he also touched upon what could happen in the near future as he mulls over the options at his disposal.

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He said, relayed by Sporza: “I’m in a process right now that I have to grab a piece of paper and write down the pros and cons of the options I will have soon. I will really have to decide what I want in my career. In three to four years, I will normally return to the place where I will likely settle down.

“I have to start thinking about where I still want to live, what language I want to learn, what culture I still want to live in. And also very importantly: which competitions and prizes I still want to win. I don’t want to regret anything in my career.”

It appears the defender will leave no stone unturned in the coming weeks, and with claims his agent has been collecting offers for him to look at, it could take a while.

Then again, he doesn’t have much else to do with his time these days.