Another hurdle has been thrown in the way of Marco Silva joining FC Porto quickly. Still technically Hull City manager,Silva is big news in Portugal.

Despite some reports from the English and Portuguese press saying there’s an agreement, some details need to still be sorted, and newspaper Diário de Notícias come up with an interesting one today.

According to the outlet, when the manager left Sporting in 2015, there was a clause saying he would have to pay a fine in case he joined Porto, Benfica, or Braga before the end of June 2017.

So if Silva signs for the Dragons before July, he will have to pay Sporting €1m, with a deadline of five days to do so.

Marco Silva had a controversial departure from Sporting, and the disagreement with a club director even ended up in court, in a lawsuit which was judged this year. 

Treated appallingly, the manager went about rebuilding his reputation, something he continued with Hull City.

Diário de Notícias claims that Porto want to have their manager chosen by the end of the week, and although Silva is their priority, there are other names on the list in case he choses to stay in the Premier League.