Hull City manager Marco Silva has won a process in the Portuguese courts after suing former Sporting director José Eduardo.

Silva took legal action against Eduardo for the comments made in 2014, when the then Sporting manager was accused of doing things ‘on his own interest’ and trying to ‘fire the club’s president’.

The comments made by José Eduardo were followed by Silva’s dismissal at the end of that season, even though he won a cup and secured a place in the Champions League.

The court decision was announced on Tuesday, and Eduardo will have to pay Silva €10k for in damages plus €5.4k to the Portuguese state, presumably to cover costs. The verdict was reported by O Jogo.

Marco Silva had actually asked for three payments of €15k, which worked out at one payment for damaging comment Eduardo made, but the judge decided to count it all as one single offence.

Maybe a lesson to those in charge at Hull City that if it does eventually end bitterly with Marco Silva, it’s probably best not to slander him.