Chelsea’s 2-1 league win over Manchester City last month helped Liverpool clinch their maiden Premier League title.

The Reds have been in fine form this term, losing only two of their 33 matches so far and are on the course to clinch record points bagged in a single season.

City currently hold the record for 100 points achieved in the 2017/18 season.

Speaking to EFE, Liverpool goalkeeper Adrián discussed about the title celebrations and also stressed the Reds’ plans in the remaining fixtures of this season.

“We have not had too much time to celebrate due to the circumstances. We celebrated the moment when we were watching the Chelsea-Manchester City game that gave us the championship..,” he said, as quoted by Mundo Deportivo.

“We had to play, because now there are matches every three days… We need a little more time to assimilate something so big and something that we’re going to have a difficult time to overcome…”

“It had not been achieved for 30 years, that’s why it’s been extraordinary. Now we will try to beat the record of 100 points.”

“The team has suffered many ups and downs, but has taken a step forward today. Winning the Premier League was the only thorn left for a long time, because many great players and coaches have not succeeded. Now a coach that you already know, like Jürgen, and a very high-quality and hard-working staff, who are not tired of winning, have joined.”

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Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Merseyside club will not be able to hold a title parade. The former West Ham United man has admitted Jürgen Klopp doesn’t want to miss this opportunity, even if they have to wait for a while.

“I will not be the one to decide that, but Klopp made it clear that this moment cannot be missed, because the fans have been waiting for many years. Even many of my teammates were not born when Liverpool won the last league and it is something that is in the pipeline. Hopefully it is not too late”, the keeper explained.

When further quizzed if he’s ready to go to war for Klopp, Adrián said: “Yes, yes, totally. He’s the team manager and he’s one of a kind.”

“Makes you feel very close to all players. He is so normal, so human. Respect is not bought; it is earned little by little and that is why people trust him fully.”

The Spaniard is the second choice keeper at Liverpool, behind Alisson Becker. When asked if he wants to retire at Anfield, he explained: “I’m 33 and I hope to stay here much longer. Goalkeepers can endure more than an outfield player.

“I have one more year of contract here, plus another optional one. This first season has been spectacular.”

“In football we don’t know where we are going to be tomorrow. A year ago, I was without a contract. You have to enjoy this and live in the moment, but why not [retire at Liverpool]?