This Thursday, the Portuguese press has two stories about Benfica wanting Guillermo Varela from Manchester United. Each of them is saying a different thing.

Both O Jogo and Correio da Manhã seem pretty convinced the Eagles are keen on the right-back. The different information they have is if things could advance or not.

Correio da Manhã claims Benfica are having a hard time signing Douglas from Barcelona. The Catalan club want them to pay the player’s salary of €3m, and Benfica won’t do that.

That’s why Varela would be an option, and the Eagles would rely on the good relationship they have with Manchester United and Jose Mourinho, especially after the transfer of Victor Lindelof, to request a loan without any fees.

It’s worth a shot.

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O Jogo says the opposite. They confirm the Uruguayan as an alternative, but add there’s a deal for Douglas, so Varela wouldn’t be needed.

In any case, it seems there’s movement regarding the 24-year-old, who has already been linked to a transfer back to South America.

He wasn’t picked by Mourinho for Manchester United’s preseason tour, and Varela could be set for another loan.