Of all the nonsense which is fired from Don Balon, perhaps the most regular with Manchester City relates to Isco.

They’re obsessed.

Half of Pep Guardiola’s team has been linked with Real Madrid as part payment for the player, and so many figures have been thrown around that it’s clear Don Balon need to learn to lie better.

On April 9th, the Spanish source reported Manchester City were willing to pay €45m for Isco, in a deal that could rise to €60m.

Now it’s claimed Manchester City are ready to pay ‘up to €100m’.

It’s stated Guardiola is willing to ‘throw the house of the window’ to sign Isco, and presumably that means doubling City’s offer for no apparent reason.

It’s all well and good us all laughing at Don Balon and seeing it as light entertainment, but sometimes it can become the basis of rumour laundering.

Instead of being open and saying a claim is from the Spanish website, some English newspapers and websites instead say ‘reports from Spain’, and a rumour which should have been treated as a joke ends up spreading far and wide.

That’s what happened with the claims Real Madrid want to buy a group of Manchester City players.