It’s the Daily Don Balon Isco To Manchester City.

A recap on some of what has been claimed over the past couple of weeks: Pep Guardiola wanted Isco more than life itself, then he changed his mind and discarded Isco in favour of Marco Asensio, then he changed his mind again and was ‘willing to do anything’ to get Isco.

Yesterday, Don Balon reported that Guardiola is ‘crazy’ determined to get the Real Madrid player to Manchester City this summer, but Juventus were presented as willing to offer €150m. 

Today, they say Isco won’t consider Juventus, Arsenal or Chelsea because he’d consider them all a step backwards, however he doesn’t feel the same way about Manchester City.

It’s claimed Isco is ready to accept a ‘crazy’ offer from Guardiola’s side, which would see Manchester City put forward a deal starting at €45m which could rise to €60m.

However, Real Madrid want more than €80m.

We’re not sure how this squares with their claims Juventus were willing to offer €150m, because the Serie A champions don’t seem like the kind of club who would overspend €70m on a player.

Tune in tomorrow for the next Daily Don Balon Isco To Manchester City.