German newspaper Bild have a rather different angle on the Bastian Schweinsteiger situation in their Thursday edition.

They say that Jose Mourinho actually likes the former Bayern Munich midfielder, but has to ship him out because that’s what Manchester United want.

After the huge purchase of Paul Pogba, and other players, Manchester United are keen to remove Schweinsteiger’s wages from their bill. Therefore, the urge for Schweinsteiger to leave is apparently coming from Manchester United as a club and not a Mourinho personal thing.

Earlier in the summer, as the first reports of Mourinho not wanting Schweinsteiger really grew, Bild explained that as far as the midfielder was concerned, there was no problem.

Mourinho had given Schweinsteiger no indication he didn’t want the player at Old Trafford, and therefore Schweinsteiger was left to believe the reports were simply rumours… until he was ostracised.

There’s every chance it is a Mourinho thing and that the Manchester United manager is telling Schweinsteiger it’s more a club thing, which would then leak back to the German media.

It’s a tangled web.

Bild reiterate that Schweinsteiger has no intention of playing for another European club. Manchester United is the only club the player would have left Bayern Munich for, and they say Eric Cantona was his idol.