Lucas Perez AS August 25thOn Wednesday, the Spanish media were quick getting confirmation from sources that Everton’s interest in Lucas Perez was a real thing and serious. The Deportivo La Coruna player had been linked with many clubs earlier in the transfer window, including several from the Premier League, but nothing had come of it.

With a €20m buyout clause it seemed an easy deal to do for Everton, something covered in Spain. However, Spanish newspaper AS say Everton instead offered €17.5m.

Perez feels a great deal of loyalty toward Deportivo, despite only joining the club in 2015. Being from La Coruna obviously helps, but Perez and his agent feel the Spanish club did him something of a favour when they brought him back from Greek football.

Earlier in the summer the player’s agent said they didn’t want to leave Deportivo on bad terms and would only do so for a big project. AS don’t believe Perez sees Everton as that, and the €17.5m offer won’t help.

The Spanish newspaper point out that despite claims of an Arsenal move being imminent, there’s been no offer from the Gunners yet. That’s not necessarily a big issue, given Arsenal would surely just go for the clause, more likely paid as a conventional transfer fee.

Regional newspaper La Voz De Galicia feel Arsenal would have no issue meeting the €20m, but may not be too keen to match the €2m a year wages offered by Everton, which we’d assume is after tax.

La Voz De Galicia disagree with AS and feel the €2m from Everton may be enough to persuade Perez, with the Merseyside club not ruled out.