Four years ago Mario Gotze was about to have the summer of his life.

The young footballer, who would turn 22 years of age in early June as the World Cup got ready to start, scored the winning goal for Germany against Argentina, and became Man of the Match in the World Cup Final.

Gotze was the darling of Germany.

This week he found out he’s not even made the squad for the 2018 tournament, and whilst it’s not a big surprise for the German media, there’s still expressions of what a disappointment it is for the player’s career.

There’s been lots of problems including being diagnosed with myopathy last year, and Gotze is a shadow of the player he once was.

Well, Bild have a solution: Send him to Liverpool and Jurgen Klopp will sort it all out.

Klopp helped Gotze so much at BVB and recently the footballer admitted he’s still in touch with his former manager. Bild think moving abroad could help refocus the 25 year old, and that Liverpool is the most obvious destination to go for.

Going through an Anfield rehabilitation could enable Germany to fall in love with the player all over again, say the newspaper, but there’s no claim that Liverpool will make any effort to sign the player.