Gerard Deulofeu to AC Milan stories aren’t going to go away.

Whatever happens between now and the summer, apart from a serious injury to the Watford player, the rumours are going to grow and there’ll be a new tangent on the story every few days.

The latest comes from Calciomercato, who have been very fond of the story for some time. They reckon the player’s future could be ‘decided in a month’, because by that stage both clubs will have a better idea of their plans for next season.

AC Milan will have a much better understanding of their status for the Champions League or, if things go wrong, Europa League next season. And Watford will have played their FA Cup semi-final against Wolves.

Should they lose, Calciomercato explain their season will be over and they can start concentrating on the new campaign and what will happen in the summer.

They must think Watford are like the Dog & Duck, rather than a well planned top flight club. The club will already be planning the summer.

It’s then claimed that Deulofeu has told the Pozzo family he wants out, but the ‘main obstacle’ is the €30m price. However, it’s stated ‘the will of Deulo’ could ‘facilitate’ the transfer, which almost certainly means make the transfer fee shrink.

Good luck with that.