Kike Garcia signed for Middlesbrough in July 2014, in a deal which was potentially worth €3.5m to the Spanish club.

Boro had agreed to a flat €2.5m payment plus a further €1m should they achieve their aim of promotion to the Premier League.

On February 2nd, 2016, Kike moved back to Spain with SD Eibar, but he hadn’t been registered in time to play that season.

Middlesbrough were then promoted to the Premier League, and Murcia therefore expected their €1m bonus, because Kike had been at the club for the first half of the season.

The English club refused to make the payment, explaining Kike was no longer their player.

Murcia took the case to FIFA, and reports in Spain on Monday say they’ve won.

La Verdad and others are reporting that FIFA have sided with Murcia, and communicated their decision to the two clubs. Middlesbrough will now have 30 days to pay the amount.

Should they wish to appeal, they have ten days to do so.