Catalan newspaper Sport have a very odd Thomas Vermaelen claim, or suggestion, in their Thursday edition.

With Mundo Deportivo, the other Barcelona leaning newspaper, focusing heavily on Everton interest, Sport hint a transfer may be closer than many think.

With a ‘confidencial’ tag, a photograph is displayed of Vermaelen’s son playing in the middle of some removal boxes. ‘Vermaelen has a foot and a half outside of Barcelona’ say the newspaper and state that Anderlecht are interested, but fail to mention Everton.

Sport then add ‘the only clue on its way comes through Instagram and the multiple moving boxes he has at home.’

So has Vermaelen packed up in Barcelona and is ready to move to Everton, Anderlecht, or anywhere else?

Well, not quite. Sport have taken the image from the Instagram account belonging to Vermaelen’s wife. As she made clear through a series of images, it’s actually the family packing up in Rome, where the defender spent last season on loan.

Not so ‘confidencial’ then, as it’s easily torn to shreds with a look at Instagram.

Not Sport’s finest hour.