Tottenham will have to spend as much as €7m in commissions this summer if they wish to sign Paulo Dybala.

That’s according to, who cover the forward’s future today and the money it will take to secure his signature.

Dybala is set to be a free agent come the summer, with Juventus having taken the decision to let him go on a free transfer after contract renewal talks continued to stall.

The Argentine has a long list of suitors, and Tottenham are believed to be one of them because of director of football Fabio Paratici, who is the man who signed Dybala for Juventus in 2015.

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While they have only been given a small chance of getting the deal done, they are still in the race, and now the finances of a possible deal have been made clearer. say that Dybala had always given priority to Juventus and even asked his representative to go back to Italy, speed up negotiations and get a new contract sorted.

Things did not that way, though, and he now finds himself facing the prospect of being a free agent and finding a new club.

He has preferences and has been in contact with the likes of PSG and Spanish clubs, while there should be ‘attention’ given to the Premier League and Tottenham in particular.

Either way, clubs will have to match his financial demands and the ‘€7m commissions’ he has already asked for from Juventus.

That’s a significant sum, although something that most clubs would probably consider acceptable for a high-profile player they’ll be getting on a free.

Whether Spurs think that way remains to be seen, and perhaps their willingness to spend such a figure would be more palatable should they get into the Champions League.