Ecuador’s national team don’t only count on one, but two players from Brighton & Hove Albion in their current squad. And that’s, of course, a reason for the local media to feature a nice story about it.

Outlet Extra today brings an interview with Leonel Sarmiento, father of Seagulls’ midfielder Jeremy Sarmiento. There he spoke about his son’s friendship with Moises Caicedo, and how well they managed to get along in the past few months.

“Their friendship has strengthened since Moises returned to the team. Both get together in training and outside too,” Leonel Sarmiento told Extra.

Caicedo had been having a loan spell in Belgium and returned to Brighton in January. Now Sarmiento’s father explains they took him as ‘another son’ and have been helping his adaptation.

“We have opened the doors of the house to Moises, we invited him to eat. The times I’ve been talking to him, I tell him that he has to be patient, that his moment to debut in the first division will come. He’s a very respectful and calm boy. I know he is going to succeed.”

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“Moises has found a lot of support in Jeremy, that’s why they are inseparable during training. Now that Caicedo is studying English there are times that he calls my son, to help him with any questions.

“That friendship is reflected on the pitch, because they understand each other well, both are looking for each other to generate some play and we will surely see that in the next matches with Ecuador.”

Ecuador are having a quite good campaign in the World Cup qualifiers. They’re currently third in a table where four get a straight spot to the competition and the fifth goes to the playoffs.

Now Sarmiento and Caicedo must help them guarantee that place in the final two matches. They first play Paraguay tonight and then Argentina on Tuesday.