Of the two Catalan newspapers, Mundo Deportivo are known to be the slightly more sensible, whereas Sport are giddy and often act more like Barcelona fans.

Thursday’s edition of Mundo Deportivo details a strategy to get Hector Bellerin from Arsenal. The idea is that Bellerin will try and persuade Arsene Wenger to help smooth the path to a deal, and will speak to the manager personally.

Before this, so Bellerin doesn’t look foolish, Barcelona will make a good offer, and the pincer movement will leave the deal there for Arsenal to seriously consider.

Sport also have a plan, but it’s quite different.

It’s explained that if Barcelona go in with a first offer of €40m, then Arsenal will drag it up to something like €60m or more.

Therefore, Sport think it would be a good idea to go in with something like €25m, and, presumably, put Arsenal in their place and rock the negotiating position of Ivan Gazidis.

It’s not exactly the most cunning of plans, but, if it happens, at least it’ll give everyone at Arsenal a good laugh.