Another day, and, yes, of course, more of Hector Bellerin to Barcelona in the Catalan media. After the Arsenal player poured his heart out to Mundo Deportivo and Sport about his current situation and missing his parents, the transfer rumour has been refuelled and it’s pretty certain we’re going to be banged over the head with it until the close of the window.

Mundo Deportivo have Bellerin on their front page, and cover some claims from Spanish radio about terms being agreed, although, just like Sport, they don’t give those claims a whole lot of prominence.

What Mundo Deportivo do say is that Bellerin is going to go down the Cesc Fabregas route to get a Barcelona transfer.

Start a campaign which involves other players, taking over a World Cup celebration party, lifting Barca DNA to heights it had never seen before, and being portrayed as a victim of kidnap? No, ask Arsene Wenger for help.


Bellerin is prepared to ask Wenger to let him return to Barcelona, but he doesn’t want to be made to look a fool when he does. Mundo Deportivo say the last thing Bellerin wants is to ask Wenger for help, only to be told there’s been no contact, no offer, and it’s just rumours in the newspapers.

Therefore, Barcelona’s side of the bargain is to submit a good offer just before Bellerin plucks up his courage and speaks to the Arsenal boss. A bit like a pincer movement.

On account of Wenger having a brain, if this does happen it’s hardly going to somehow fool him into submission, it may have the opposite impact and anger the Arsenal manager.

If Bellerin is serious about wanting to leave then he’s better playing on the line he’s unsettled because his family have returned to Barcelona. Looking glum in pre-season, putting sad photographs on Instagram in various shades of black and white, that kind of thing.