Andre Carrillo was a controversial arrival at Benfica. A very controversial arrival.

Running down his contract at the club’s bitter Lisbon rivals Sporting, Carrillo was ostracised and publicly mocked by the club’s outspoken president Bruno de Carvalho.

The winger had been a nobody playing football on the streets of Peru when Sporting found him, the president insisted, ignoring the fact he was already an international and considered a great talent for the country.

Carrillo’s relationship had broken down so badly with Sporting that he twisted the knife a little further by joining Benfica, things haven’t gone as well as hoped, but the Portuguese champions are now looking to cash-in. Their problem is a lack of buyers, so a loan is proposed to give Carrillo a showcase.

Record report that Watford could be a destination, but it’s hard to tell exactly which side is pushing interest in the potential transfer. Marco Silva is said to know Carrillo from the pair’s time together at Sporting, which seems the only reason for the link.

The proposed deal would cost Watford €1m for the season, and they’d be expected to pay all of the player’s wages.

Carrillo is 26 years of age and a very exciting footballer at his best, there’s a chance Watford and Marco Silva will be tempted.