Fulham’s long time and international search for a quality forward appeared to have struck possible gold when Diego Rolan was landed upon, an ambitious transfer of a talented player and one which may, just may, be achievable.

Rolan is completely different to most of the previous targets. For one, he’s been heard of outside the circles of regional Belgian football.

Since the initial claims, however, things have stuttered somewhat.

Bordeaux have Rolan on a contract until June 2018 so are very prepared to sell to Fulham, that’s not an issue, it’s the player’s desire which is problematic.

The Uruguayan isn’t exactly running to sign for Fulham, Saturday’s edition of L’Equipe says the player is ‘hesitant’. He won’t appear for Bordeaux today in a friendly because he’s been authorised to travel to London for more talks with Fulham.

That’s the second time Rolan has now travelled, meaning that whilst he may be hesitant, it’s a definitely maybe.

Bordeaux would receive around €7m from the sale of the forward, and they’re not bothered where he ends up.

Whilst Newcastle United have been mentioned in the English media, there’s no mention of them in the L’Equipe report.