It now seems like Gustavo Scarpa is really not leaving Nottingham Forest to move back to Brazil in January.

Last week, we’d already seen reports from Brazil saying that Atlético Mineiro had given up on his signing, and now it’s Flamengo who are said not to be interested.

The report comes from journalist Jorge Nicola, who, on Youtube, explains the latest rumours about the Nottingham Forest midfielder.

It’s first claimed that Atlético Mineiro indeed made an ‘official proposal’ for Scarpa, but since they heard he wasn’t keen, they gave up on the deal.

Then regarding Flamengo, it’s claimed that the Rio de Janeiro side are simply not interested. It’s said the club ‘denied’ having any interest, as he’s not part of the plans and they look for targets of other characteristics.

Scarpa is having a loan spell at Olympiakos, and reports from Brazil have been making it sound like he’s eager to stay there until the end of the season, and only then take a new step in his career. His contract with Nottingham Forest runs until 2026.