Gerard Deulofeu moving from Everton to Barcelona in the summer transfer window is a daily topic in the Catalan media, and doesn’t stop for Easter. In Italy there’s confidence AC Milan can sign the player, especially after their Chinese take-over went through last week, but from the Barcelona media it’s slightly different.

Barcelona have a clause meaning they can get Deulofeu back from Everton, permanently, for €12m, and it’s believed they’re likely to at least try and use that. Deulofeu himself would have a say, and if he’s happy at Milan, he may well try and get Everton to agree a deal with them.

Screen Shot 2017-04-16 at 12.02.52Catalan newspaper Sport report Robert Fernandez, Barcelona’s transfer guru, has given the ‘green light’ to the deal with Everton, quoting him as saying: “Deulofeu? Yes, he’s totally a future option. He is ready to play at the club next season.”

That final comment sounds like it backs up the extra clause mentioned by Roberto Martinez, when he was in charge at Goodison Park. In 2015, the then Everton boss explained:There are certain things in the deal. They can’t take him back in the winter so they can’t take him back in January. It can only be at the end of the season. It is €9m for the first year and €12m in the second year.

“If they take him back they can’t sell him for a season, so he has to stay in the first-team squad for a season. At the end of that if they decide to sell him we have got first rights of getting him back or we have got a big percentage of that deal. There is nothing we can do if they activate it. That was the deal and the only way we could access the player in the terms that we wanted. I’m delighted with the deal.”

That would mean Barcelona can’t use the €12m clause to get him back from Everton and then sell immediately for a profit.