While the focus at Manchester City is firmly on Erling Haaland’s imminent arrival, it remains to be seen what happens with Julian Alvarez.

The Argentinian youngster is set to arrive at the Etihad after Manchester City moved to secure his signature ahead of the competition earlier this year.

What’s been unclear until the last few weeks is whether City will take him in the summer or leave him in Argentina until the end of the year.

Several sources have hinted that Pep Guardiola has decided to go with the latter, wanting the youngster to join his squad in the summer for pre-season so he can take a good look at him.

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This was echoed yesterday when River’s president revealed details of the move, and then the player himself hinted he only had a few games left in his homeland.

TNT Sports have now picked up on that, carrying comments from River Plate chief Enzo Francescoli, who has confirmed Alvarez will be joining Manchester City in June.

“Julian Alvarez is a very professional boy who adapts quickly. He has grown a lot and always works for the team,” they report him saying to Radio Continental.

“With the people from City we meet personally and talk about the situation of Julian Alvarez, it is likely that he will leave in June.

“From what I heard from Guardiola, I understand that Manchester City want Julian in their team from June.”

They also add quotes from president Jorge Brito, who said, “City must pay the clause for Julian Alvarez to leave. He is at River until 7th July.”

That, then, should be the date that Alvarez will be on his way to the Etihad, where the battle for City’s striker position and Guardiola’s affection begins.

It is, though, a month after Guardiola seemingly wants him, meaning there may need to be further negotiations for the parties to come to an agreement that suits everyone.