With the many reports regarding Arsenal’s bid for the signing of São Paulo winger Marquinhos, we now get to see a few updates on the development of these talks.

The most interesting report comes from André Hernan on Youtube. He spoke to officials from the Brazilian club last night and they ‘don’t want to give many details on this bid’, claiming there should be a ‘secrecy’ about it.

Still, the journalist learned that São Paulo take Marquinhos’ sale as ‘certain’, as the winger ‘will get transferred to Arsenal’. Now there should be a consensus for the transfer fee, which is a subject we’ll explain later in this story.

Meanwhile, Jorge Nicola, also on Youtube, points out the information from Goal that the Gunners are bidding €3m, and São Paulo now fight to get a percentage from a future transfer.

Now why is Marquinhos leaving for so little? That’s explained by both journalists.

When agreeing his first professional contract with São Paulo at the age of 16, the player signed a five-year deal. That’s allowed in Brazil, but not recognized by FIFA, who has a limit of three-year commitment to underage players.

That happened in 2019, nearly three years ago, meaning Marquinhos does have a deal with São Paulo, but in case he appeals to FIFA, they’ll give him the right of leaving the club this summer.

According to Nicola, São Paulo made attempts to renew the player’s deal, knowing the mistake they made, but he isn’t keen on it and never opened talks for it. So the club now have their hands tied, and should accept a low fee instead of risking losing him for free.

That’s why Hernan mentions this ‘consensus’, as Arsenal know the situation, but should also agree a fee so things don’t get so complicated with FIFA getting involved.