Arsenal’s bid for São Paulo youngster Marquinhos can be seen everywhere in the Brazilian media today, with several reports confirming that the offer exists.

The original story came from Globo Esporte. They claim the Tricolor received a bid from the Gunners for the winger, and even though the outlet didn’t get to know the numbers involved, it’s said the club ‘should accept’ the proposal.

The website claimed that the deal ‘tends’ to be concluded soon, with the transfer happening this summer.

Then a few other stories started to back up the information, and some of them added a few details to it.

Goal Brasil came up adding that the bid is of €3m, and according to their sources, there’s a wish for this negotiation to have an outcome ‘as soon as possible’, with confidence for a ‘happy ending’ for Arsenal.

Journalist Jorge Nicola then wrote on his Yahoo blog that Marquinhos has already agreed with Arsenal the numbers on his contract, as well as the length of it, meaning it’s all about São Paulo accepting the offer.

Even though the Gunners’ bid is considered to be low, the Brazilian club could end up taking it because of their fear of losing the player for free.

That’s because when signing his first professional contract in 2019, he signed a five-year deal, which is allowed in the South American country, but not by FIFA.

If he enters a legal battle in June, he could win and leave them as a free agent, so it may not be worth the risk.