Antonio Conte wants ‘guarantees’ from Tottenham this summer if he is to remain at the club.

That’s according to But! Football Club, who say the Italian remains on PSG’s list of options to replace Mauricio Pochettino.

The Argentine coach is set to leave Paris this summer unless there is a complete turnaround of their plans, having ‘failed to convince’ the club of his ability to manage the side.

The club’s management have been hard at work for several weeks to find a worthy successor, and while Zinedine Zidane remains the top target, he has his sights set on replacing Didier Deschamps as France coach.

Thus they are looking at Conte, given his record in Europe and the fact he’s hinted he could leave Tottenham on more than one occasion.

His contract with Spurs runs until 2023, and he is ‘not opposed’ to staying but will ‘demand guarantees’ from the club.

First and foremost, he wants those in charge, such as Fabio Paratici, to ‘put their hand in their wallet’ during the summer transfer window. If not, Conte will not be afraid to ‘enter into arm wrestling match’ with the club.

What that means isn’t made clear, but Conte does have a history of battling owners down the years, and it seems he’s not scared of doing the same at Tottenham.