It’s now time for Manchester United to be added as a potential destination for Alexis Sanchez in the next transfer window.

The club’s interest was claimed on ‘El Show de Prensafútbol’ on Tuesday, as Chilean journalists were chatting about the player’s future.

One of them claimed that by the end of April or early May, Alexis Sanchez will have told Arsenal he’s not staying, but he’ll remain in England. Chelsea, Manchester City and Manchester United would all be possibilities for the player.

It’s interesting how things are seen in Chile. The other two journalists seemed surprised that Manchester United is a possibility, with one of them saying: ‘If Mourinho calls him, that’s something else, no?’.

This possibility is taken in a casual way on show, but in the article with the video, it’s claimed that both José Mourinho and Pep Guardiola have already called the player to say they want him at their club. Antonio Conte would have him as a priority, but there’s no claim of a telephone chat.

It’s said Sanchez would only stay at Arsenal due to a ‘last minute change’. Because for now, at least as far as this Chilean show is concerned, his departure is certain.

There have been claims previously about Pep Guardiola telephoning the player, something the Manchester City manager strongly denied. Claims of phone calls seem to be popular in Chile, but it’s best to take them with doubt.

What can’t be denied is that the idea of snatching Alex Sanchez from Arsene Wenger would have some appeal for Jose Mourinho.