According to Mundo Deportivo, Chelsea are one of a handful of clubs who have been in talks with Pini Zahavi over signing Robert Lewandowski.

The Bayern Munich striker recently changed agents to Zahavi and that’s led to widespread assumption he’s angling for a big transfer in the next window. Chelsea have worked with Zahavi previously and have been searching for a new striker, so the link isn’t the most surprising.

Chelsea’s main compeitition problem in any pursuit is Real Madrid.

The Polish striker would prefer a move to the Spanish club over any other, and Mundo Deportivo say there’s already some sort of agreement between Lewandowski and Real Madrid.

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Bayern Munich aren’t the kind of club who can be bullied on transfers and if they refuse a sale there’s not much any of the interested sides can do.

The only hope for Chelsea is that Bayern allow the striker to leave, and Real Madrid interest fades because of whatever price the German club put on their striker.

But how much would Chelsea really be willing to pay for a 29 year old?