Repeatedly, when Fulham’s Brazilians speak to their home country’s media, they talk about the respect they have for Willian.

The winger has huge experience in the Premier League, and ended up being a reference for some of his teammates at the Whites.

Brazilian outlet Globo Esporte today shares a long interview with Fulham striker Rodrigo Muniz, and there are some interesting quotes about his partnerships there.

The centre-forward was asked about the compatriots he has at Craven Cottage, and was quite sincere talking about them, especially about the winger.

“Willian I can say is the best player I’ve ever played with,” said Muniz.

“And Andreas has helped me a lot at the end of my adaptation. He talks to me a lot and gives me feedback that makes a lot of difference to me. I think the fact that they’re Brazilian and have bought into the idea of me playing: ‘Hey, I’m going to help you and that’s it’, is making a total difference for me on the pitch.”

Muniz, just like Andreas Pereira, previously played for Flamengo in Brazil. He said they both have some love for the Rio de Janeiro side, with the midfielder willing to return to the club one day.

“Andreas really wants to go back to Flamengo. Whenever there’s a Flamengo match, we watch it together in the camp. And whenever there’s a Mengão game, the next day we’re already saying: ‘Hey, did you see it?!'”

Rodrigo Muniz didn’t start the season very well, as he was benched and also struggled with injuries, and his first Premier League goal this season only took place in February this year.