With many stories claiming Manchester United are not interested in keeping Casemiro in the squad for another season, the Brazilian media today shares their information on this situation.

UOL’s Raphael Reis writes on his blog that even though the Red Devils are ready to get rid of him, there’s no intention to let him leave for free.

It’s said Manchester United want to sell the midfielder and recover part of the investment they made when bringing him from Real Madrid a couple of years ago.

Reis claims that there are very little chances that Casemiro would return to Brazil. First because there have been no movements from South American sides to sign him so far, and then there’s the fact it would take a major effort for them to afford his wages.

It’s actually claimed that despite a poor season at Manchester United, he continues to draw big interest from many countries, with clubs from Saudi Arabia ‘ready to welcome him’. Now they’d need to find an agreement with the Red Devils, as it doesn’t sound like they’d struggle to making a convincing contract offer.