According to claims in the Italian media, Aston Villa will send scouts to Italy next week to observe a soccer school in Salento.

Solo Lecce have confirmed officials from Aston Villa will be present at the Soccer Dream Parabita 2000, which is an event allowing youngster to impress academy coaches and scouts. The Championship club will have an official present at the event from 17th – 19th July, trying to spot any young talents suitable for the Aston Villa academy.

Italian coaches Pasquale Bruno and Ernesto Javier Chevanton will be putting the youngsters through their paces over two days, and those on show will hoping they can impress Aston Villa scouts as well as others likely attending from around Europe.

Aston Villa will then head to Parabita early next month to watch a similar event. The club’s presence at the events is looked upon well in Italy, with Solo Lecce pointing out Aston Villa’s glorious history.