Crystal Palace are missing their calling, if the Catalan media are to be believed, and not doing anything whatsoever about their reported interest in Thomas Vermaelen.

Earlier this week there were English claims that Crystal Palace hold an interest in Vermaelen, insinuating a return to the Premier League is possible this summer.

Those claims quickly made their way to Spain and were grasped, more out of hope than expectation. Crystal Palace could provide the answer to Barcelona’s Vermaelen problems and take the player off their hands.

Otherwise, without any other interest coming forward, Barcelona were considering bringing the Belgian back into their squad and seeing if he could be of use.

Five days later… and there’s clearly been nothing from Crystal Palace. Either the English claims were incorrect, or Frank de Boer very quickly changed his mind.

Catalan newspaper Mundo Deportivo report that, in the absence of any serious interest, Vermaelen will be brought back into the fold.

The whole transfer is being seen as a disaster, given it’s likely also what saw Marc Bartra leave the club, but Vermaelen is getting one last chance because there’s nothing else to do with him.

Still, there’s every possibility a Premier League club can still swoop in between now and the end of August, but, right now, that doesn’t look likely to be Crystal Palace.