Near enough every transfer window, Cengiz Under is linked with a move to the Premier League.

Things aren’t going so well for him right now with AS Roma, and given a transfer window has just opened, the links were inevitable, but that Aston Villa have been dragged in is something of a surprise.

Earlier today we covered claims Roma could send him to Tottenham or Everton, although it didn’t sound like either club are doing anything especially serious to sign the player.

AreaNapoli carry an exclusive saying a move to Napoli could happen given the good relations between everyone involved in the potential transfer, however, it’s only at the ’embryonic stage’.

As part of the report it’s stated there’s been ‘surveys’ (information exchange) with English clubs, and Everton and Aston Villa are named.

AreaNapoli believe a loan may be possible with a redemption clause set somewhere around €30m, that figure is less than what has been reported elsewhere.