Aston Villa midfielder Douglas Luiz may be in lockdown in England, but it doesn’t mean he’s forgotten about the people in his home country.

As reported by newspaper Extra today, the 21-year-old has donated food baskets to the people of Nova Holanda, in Rio de Janeiro.

The neighbourhood is located in one of the poorest areas of the city, where people have been struggling more with the Coronavirus crises.

Since Douglas Luiz couldn’t go there himself, the food has been delivered by his father Edmilson, and his brothers Devison and Daniel.

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Despite the seriousness of Coronavirus, the big debate in Brazil has been about how to keep people in quarantine while they need to work.

A big part of those who live in favelas are merchants who depend on their daily sales to sustain their families everyday. This is the case of Nova Holanda, and that’s why Douglas’ donation is so important at this specific time.