Spanish outlet AS today features an interview with businessman Luis Oliver, who’s a major shareholder of La Liga side Extremadura.

The 57-year-old has just got of hospital, following the nine days of treatment for Coronavirus.

Asked about knowing how he got infected, Oliver has revealed he was at the Champions League clash between Liverpool and Atletico Madrid at Anfield last month, and that may be the answer to it.

“The truth is, no. I always greet a lot of people in Madrid and before we knew it, it must have been too widespread,” he told AS. “In addition, I was at Liverpool-Atlético, which 3,000 fans traveled from here. It was reckless that they authorised it.”

The match between Liverpool and Atletico Madrid was the last one played by the Reds before the season was paused. The Anfield side were supposed to be playing city rivals Everton at the following week, but that fixture has been postponed before that.

Oliver has also been asked about the future of La Liga. The businessman doesn’t belive there’s a way for the season to go on.

“Well no, I think it will not continue. None of the LaLiga players have been hospitalized and have seen the horrible things that I have seen. Football is a contact sport and the coronavirus is four times more contagious than a cold. Come on, there may be 10 infected in a game. And you can still isolate professional football, try to put it in a bubble… But the Segunda B and below surely won’t follow.”

Still, he believes Extremadura shouldn’t be relegated to the third division, despite currently being in Second’s bottom four.

“It would be totally unfair. The Second is very long. We are in relegation, but four from salvation. Last year we were around these dates five from the permanence and we had 8 points left. If it’s canceled there could be promotions, perhaps, but that there are relegations would be outrageous.”