Young football fans may not know Radomir Antić, but his CV is more than enough to introduce him. The Serbian boss has been the manager of Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid and Barcelona, and that’s a pretty good reason why his opinion is taken very seriously.

Antic has given an interview to Chilean outlet El Grafico this week, in which he spoke a lot about Arsenal’s Alexis Sanchez. And for some reason, the subject was a possible move to Real Madrid.

Asked if he sees the transfer happening, Antic said: “For the way Alexis Sanchez plays, he is a player who brings things that Real Madrid don’t have at the moment.”

Then he was quizzed if the reason for it are the many injuries in the Real Madrid squad: “Not only for that, but also for the controversial departures of Morata and James. In these moments, since Ronaldo and Benzema are not working, he’s very much needed.

“Alexis Sanchez, in his position, is one of the best players in football today.”

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Regarding the fact that Alexis has previously played for Barcelona, Antic doesn’t think it would be a problem: “No. I think that because of his way of playing, he would immediately have the support from the stands, because he not only plays when he has the ball, but he is also a fighter, he likes to participate. Also, something that Real Madrid does not have at the moment is the game with spaces and that’s where he is important.”

El Grafico mentioned that both Sanchez and Ronaldo are known as individualists, and asked the former manager if they could player together: “Yes, because at this moment the team doesn’t have a player that makes differences in one on one”.

With his contract expiring at the end of the season, Sanchez could be leaving Arsenal on a free transfer, so Real Madrid would have a chance just like anyone else.