From the middle of this week the Catalan media have been announcing, at any opportunity, that Barcelona have decided, just like that, they don’t to sign Hector Bellerin from Arsenal.

It’s not just because of money, the player’s ability has been called into question, and whether he’d suit Barcelona. Similar happened when Bellerin renewed his contract with Arsenal, a clear case of: I never fancied you anyway.

The stance is of course farcical. After the Catalan media spent months explaining why Bellerin was perfect and first choice, we’re all now expected to believe he isn’t even a target.

Marca, always happy to wind up Barcelona and the Catalan media, may have the answer. The Madrid based newspaper report that after Bellerin held two meetings with Arsene Wenger to talk about a transfer to Barcelona, and was told he wouldn’t be going anywhere, the club took official steps.

Barcelona have been sent a letter telling them not to make any efforts towards signing Bellerin. Arsenal are said to have made the situation ‘very clear’, and whilst it’s not mentioned, the insinuation is obviously that further efforts could lead to Arsenal making a complaint about the tapping up of the player.

That could be why Barcelona suddenly don’t fancy Bellerin.