In the past few days, we’ve been covering the Chilean press’ coverage of Alexis Sanchez, which hasn’t been very good.

With stories about his bad mentality, his goal drought and even his silence at the Chilean training camp, local papers have been going heavy on the Manchester United player.

But at least this Thursday, there’s some rest for Sanchez, as the local websites’ homepages have two good stories about him, which didn’t really depend on journalist opinion.

One of them is from the quotes of Joel Campbell, his former teammate at Arsenal. As Costa Rica and Chile are playing on Friday, the 26-year-old was asked to comment on the ‘Nino Maravilla’.

“Alexis is a class A player, a world class monster. Always trains to the maximum, is a player who gives 100% and has shown it both in Chile and in Europe.” said Campbell (via La Tercera)

“I feel that he lacks a little confidence, but he has the quality and at any moment he can change a game. It’s for a reason that he’s best paid player in the Premier, he’s earned it.”

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The other story, which all local outlets are covering, is about Sanchez’s new movie. The player posted a video on Twitter in which he meets some kids on a video-call.

Sanchez probably needs a better PA, as most English fans don’t have a clue what that’s about, and he didn’t write a word when posting the video.

Those kids are being selected to be part of his new movie, which we’ve written a little about here. Although the local media first thought it was a biopic, the film will actually tell the stories of Sanchez helping kids to fulfil their dreams.

“It’s a very nice story and they will represent all the children of Chile,” Sanchez told them in the video.