At Sport Witness we follow the sport media around the world and occasionally something happens which appears out of the norm.

That’s been the case today with De Telegraaf, Marcel Brands and Everton.

It’s worth noting the Dutch newspaper were the first with Brands moving to Everton and appear to have a very good source for information relating to the director of sport. They also speak to him relatively regularly.

Therefore, when they post something about Everton, as long as it’s not leaning on another publication, it’s worth taking interest.

Today they published an article titled ‘Brands wants Manchester United defender’. It started with: ‘In the search for a defensive reinforcement, Marcel Brands landed at Manchester United. The technical director of Everton hopes for a bargain.’

As the tweet was presented (see screenshot), one would assume they’d picked this up from elsewhere.

But then, before we could read the whole story, it was all deleted. The article has been taken down and the tweet has now also gone.

It hasn’t reappeared despite them having several hours to put a new version up.

Embed from Getty Images


The story is likely to be the Chris-Smalling-on-a-free which appeared in the English media yesterday.

There has to be a reason for it being taken down. De Telegraaf carry all kinds of rumours, they’re not above transfer gossip.

This is where conspiracy theories can go off in any number of directions.

Of course, we wouldn’t normally cover a story being removed, but with the Brands-De Telegraaf connection, this one has got us intrigued.