With Manchester United going from hell to heaven in 45 minutes last night, the positive result against Atalanta certainly made things a lot calmer at Old Trafford.

Despite all the pessimism from the first two fixtures of the Champions League, the Red Devils are now top of Group F, and only depend on themselves to clinch a spot to the knock-out stage.

Manchester United midfielder Bruno Fernandes had a word with the Brazilian media after the match, and clearly feeling more comfortable speaking Portuguese, he had a long answer for each of the questions.

One of them was about the club deserving to be ‘protagonists’ in big competitions once again, and even though the 27-year-old could have a generic response to that, he made his point of view very clear, especially about their Premier League campaign.

“Manchester United have to think about being the protagonist game by game,” Bruno Fernandes told TNT Sports.

“Because, let’s say that the fact that we often think ‘we want to be champions’, ‘we want to win titles’, it’s true that this club demands it. But we have to think that if we don’t win game by game, it’ll be difficult for that to happen.”

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“So now we have a very big game. We have a game where we have to win. A very important game against one of the club’s biggest rivals. A game where we have to win points, we haven’t won points at home for two games.”

“We have to do it because in the league we’ve won a point from three games. And it’s not enough. And now we have to show that we’re here and that we’ll be in the fight. But to be in the fight it has to be game by game and our focus has to be Liverpool.”

In another part of the interview, Fernandes also talked about the hate from social media that players get, and what they should do to left that aside. You can read those quotes here.