Girona now admit that they will be losing Savinho at the end of the season.

Even though they only have the Brazilian on loan from Troyes, there’s no chance the Spanish side will be able to keep him as it’s been widely reported that Manchester City will be signing him in the summer.

As Estadio Deportivo today features quotes from club president Delfi Geli, he admits that most of the stars who have been doing a great La Liga campaign this season will soon leave.

“Many of them will go to clubs with more economic potential than Girona, because they will make offers that we won’t be able to pay half as much for. Our objective, in this situation, will be to continue in the same line that has led us to the success of the current campaign,” said Geli.

Covering the quotes, Estadio Deportivo points out that Savinho will be gone, although they’re not sure whether Troyes will send him to Manchester City or try to make another big sale.

Either way, it’s highlighted that he’s been having a ‘spectacular’ form, and that’s why there’s been a lot of talk about him this season.

Recent reports from Brazil said Pep Guardiola’s side will spend €30m to sign the winger from the French side.

Savinho has nine goals and seven assists in 30 appearances for Girona this season, and it would only be natural for many clubs to go after him in the summer, but the City Group are obviously favouring his arrival at Manchester City.