Soon the time for talking will be over regarding Paul Pogba to Manchester United. After weeks, months, maybe years, of pontificating on the player’s future, Monday and onwards sees the biggest chance of a Juventus exit yet.

On Sunday evening, Pogba will play in the Euro 2016 final for France against Portugal. After that comes celebration or commiseration, and after that comes the time to seriously consider his own future.

The idea of a Pogba to Manchester United return has grown in recent weeks. Like every summer there’s been claims of huge transfer bids being readied, and claims that personal terms have already been discussed and agreed with agent Mino Raiola.

Whilst that happens every window, this time things have appeared different. L’Equipe’s statement last week that Pogba had ‘clearly expressed’ to teammates and friends his desire to return to Manchester United was very intriguing.

A journalist credited on the article had an interview with Pogba published the day before. If any journalist could claim to know what the player wanted then surely he had as good a basis as any.

Pogba has always been headstrong, as Manchester United and the club’s fans well know. Therefore the idea of him being coerced into an Old Trafford return just doesn’t make much sense. If Pogba doesn’t really fancy Manchester United, then he wouldn’t entertain the idea of going.

Pogba to Manchester United: Uncle Evra has a role

But what has perhaps been overlooked is Pogba’s happiness at Juventus. He’s been very successful with the club, has a huge standing within the team and is progressing.

Having turned 23 years of age in March, there’s plenty of time to move in the future should he stay this summer.

Turin newspaper Tuttosport go over this on Sunday. They point out his very close friendship with Patrice Evra, and say Pogba could decide to spend one more year with him at Juventus. Such is the closeness of the pair, Tuttosport say Pogba refers to Evra as ‘Uncle’.

Surely Uncle Evra on his own couldn’t kill Pogba to Manchester United, and he’d certainly never speak badly of his former club. But Tuttosport are underlining that Pogba is content, and it’s almost certain they’re 100% correct.

Pogba only leaves Juventus if he asks to, and a club pay a huge fee. If he does end up at Manchester United it’s because that’s what he wants, otherwise he could quite happily hang around and wait for Real Madrid, Barcelona or whoever else takes his fancy.