Georges-Kévin N’Koudou’s transfer to Tottenham Hotspur feels like it’s been done for over a week and someone has simply forgotten to announce it. Whilst at first it seemed strange that Tottenham may allow Marseille to delay it to coincide with the Clinton N’Jie transfer the other way, the delay is certainly questionable.

Marseille are a club in turmoil, it’s not as if they have to announce the N’Jie and N’Koudou deals at the same time to avoid a fan backlash, things have moved way on from that at the French club.

Openly for sale, potential buyers have checking out the club’s accounts, and some have been shocked at what they’ve found… they mustn’t be frequent readers of the French sport media.

The general uncertainty, and perhaps chaos, at Marseille may well have slowed things, but now La Provence say the N’Jie move, initially a loan, looks ‘imminent’. They add that ‘all lights are green’ to complete the move.

There’s not one mention of N’Koudou. That probably shouldn’t cause worry for Tottenham, because the Marseille media have seen him as gone for over a week.