On Thursday, Italian website Calcio Mercato had an article saying Sunderland would be interested in the Deportivo La Coruña striker Florin Andone.

It’s a really short story, only reporting the interest in the 23-year-old who has scored five goals in La Liga this season.

Calcio Mercato normally have two types of articles: the short ones, which are normally credited to some other outlet; and the long ones, which are usually their exclusives. But neither is the case for this one and there’s simply no elaboration on David Moyes’ interest in signing Andone for Sunderland.

We’ve made a search to find the original source, but there isn’t anything else. Only a few Romanian websites are covering Calcio Mercato’s article, but none of them seem to have any information of their own.

The player was also linked to Aston Villa in 2015, but the Birmingham club didin’t find an agreement for him. Andone has just signed for Deportivo on a move from Córdoba this summer. The La Liga said paid €4m for the transfer and gave the striker a five-year contract.

It would seem a strange one for an Italian website to make up, a Romanian footballer playing in Spain interesting Sunderland. We’ll keep an eye on the reports and see if anything else crops up.